Friday, May 28, 2010

Did I Mention.....

I wish I could pull off aviator sunnies like Carrie!

I am so excited to see SATC 2!! I'm holding out to go see it until early next week so I can go see it with a group of friends. Most importantly, a friend I haven't seen in forever and is moving far away so I probably won't see again for quite some time. I'm still trying to deal with that... 
I'm know I'm going to wear something fabulous, but what that is I haven't quite figured out yet. I'm sure it will involve some fabulous shoes though. I mean it has to.....

Italy on the way back

Okay, so clearly this is not an outfit post. This was the day we flew back, and the whole trip whenever I saw these ladies washroom signs it cracked me up. I guess the old A-line skirt silhouette is now passe and a short hoop skirt shape is the new look. My thoughts anyways....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Italy Day 9

Cathedral in Milan

Me at Sforzesco Castle

Outside Sforzesco Castle


Amost amazing dessert.. I have no idea what it is though!

Jacket: Le Chateau
Pashmina: Florence Street Market
Maxi Dress: Zara
Gladiator Sandals: Nine West
Purse: Winners

We had a guided tour through Sforzesco Castle and then proceeded through the city with our lovely guide discussing the different buildings and historical sites. It was great aside from the fact that it was quite cold out! I was stoked that I got to wear this dress twice on the trip, I adore it and got lots of complements which didn't hurt either!
I took a photo of the colorful Euro money, and the most delicious dessert of the entire trip as shown above. I had a couple of these, unfortunately the girl did not speak any english so I never did find out what it is!!!! Gah!

On the downside, it is snowing outside. A lot. Big snowflakes, like blinding when they get you in the eye! The ground is also covered. We're supposed to get 10-20cm overnight, and for once the weather predictions may be right.... Guess its a good thing I didn't put away the winter jacket quite yet.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Italy Day 8

Me in front of the Kathy Van Zeeland store at the Serravalle Outlet outside of Milan

Dinner the night before, potatoes with butter and herbs and veal with a sauce. Delicious!

Sunnies: Kathy Van Zeeland
Button Up Shirt: Suzy Shier
Lacy Tank: Suzy Shier
Jeans: Parasuco for Smart Set
Necklace: F21
Belt: H & M
Sandals: Winners
Jacket: Le Chateau
Purse: Winners

We went to the Serravalle  Fashion Outlet Mall on this day. It was pretty awesome. I had already done way more damage than I could of imagined doing shopping so this was more a day of looking for me. My favorite store combined Moshino Cheap & Chic, Alberta Ferretti, & Philosophy. Amazing dresses, prints, shoes, you name it!  The one picture of me is the only picture I think I remembered to take that day for some strange reason. Even stranger considering I had four amazing desserts that day and I wish I would of taken photos of all of them. It did give me an excuse to go back and have more later on though. I had the most amazing panini with Brie cheese in it and desssert at lunch, then later on in the afternoon, Lori and I went to the cafe while waiting for the coach to pick us up and had wine and cake as well. I love Brie cheese, red wine and just about any kind of dessert so this was an awesome day. On the down side, I wish it would of been only a half day because I would of liked to of seen more of Milan than I did. Yet another reason to go back again one day!!!
The dinner picture is from the night before, I'm typically all about mashed potato's, I love them, I try to have them with a lot of meals but other people seem to need more variety.... However, I really enjoyed the ways that they cooked the potato's while in Italy, roasted with herbs (different than the ways I've ever had before, not sure how to describe it), and then soft with butter and herbs like the above photo. Delectable.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Italy Day 7

Me in Bologna

Fountain in Piazza Del Nettuno

Iron fence figure

Me standing next to the smallest car ever!

Jacket: Le Chateau
Scarf: Market in Florence
Knit Wrap: Suzy Shier
Knit tank: Kensie Girl - Liquidation World
Leggings: 2.50 store
Gladiator Sandals: Nine West
Purse: Winners

We stopped in Bologna while transferring from Florence to Milan for a little break. This was a laid back day for me, I did not even put on make up once again. I did enjoy doing this layered look, and wearing this fabulous pashmina again!  We did a little walk around and came across a festival in the Piazza with the fountain decorated with interesting little statues. I couldn't resist taking a photo of this little lion on top of a wrought iron fence, they went all the way around, so cute! On our way back we came across this tiny little car. Notice the smart car behind that looks big compared to this little Fiat. I look like a giant compared to this car and thought it was too good to pass up as a photo op, then upon me doing this, all the other girls in the group did it too. I would like to know how well I would of fit in this car??? (Note: I am just under 6ft tall, not that tall!) I wonder if the owner of this tiny car was standing around there somewhere wondering what we were doing?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Italy Day 6

Me in Sienna

Cathedral in Sienna

The best Onion soup ever!!!

View of Tuscany

Jacket: Le Chateau
Dress: Zara
Pashmina: Street market in Florence
Sandals: Spring
Purse: Winners

This was a day trip through Tuscany I added on at the last minute with a couple other girls from the group. The views of Tuscany are amazing, the above photo is just a taste. I've never really been a fan of onion soup until we stopped in Sienna for lunch and had this. It was amazing. I'm ruined, I'll never enjoy any of the stuff back here.... I went into a pasta shop and found cocoa pasta. That is not a typo, COCOA pasta, I'm quite excited, apparently its really good with tomato sauce, butter and walnuts. I'll let you know about that.

This pashmina I bought is a new favorite, I couldn't stop wearing it once I bought it. I'm definitely going to be on the search for more! I've also just noticed that I'm the same color as the cathedral in the one photo, not that this is anything new to me, I just don't tan. Maybe this summer will be different. Probably not....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Italy Day 5

Cathedral in Florence on the walking tour

Me in front of the baptistry doors

Baptistry doors on the other side, these have survived much better than the main doors.

Enrico Coveri Design house

Jacket: Le Chateau
Cardigan: Suzy Shier
Jeans: Smart Set
Purse: Winners
Gladiator Sandals: Nine West

On our first full day in Florence we had a walking tour in the morning with a lovely gentleman as our guide. He took us through Florence showing us the city hall, the Medicee house (Mansion), the Cathedral shown above and the Baptistry (where people were baptised and then walked straight across into the church) explaining the old customs and significant factors about the history and goings on in Florence. We then went through the Accademia Museum seeing the most amazing paintings and sculptures and then the big one Michealangelo's Statue of David. Quite amazing.
The second design house we went and had a tour of was Enrico Coveri. He is an Italian designer, the house is now run by his sister with her son neing the head designer now. We got to see sketches and meet interns working in the house. Again no photo's but amazing to see. The building was brightly colored, with amazing and crazy colored art work that I absolutely loved. I thought I had a pic of myself at the house but I can't find it at the moment! If you are unfamiliar with him, check out his website, I watched his Spring/Summer 2010 show on his website and loved it, it struck me as very Charlotte York (lady like) style meets Samantha Jones (edgey). I'm excited for SATC 2, can you tell?

Off to work now... will get back to outfit posts and stop slacking soon....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Itay Day 4

Roberto Cavalli Factory

Me at the Roberto Cavalli Factory

Boyfriend jacket: Reitmans
Dress: H & M
Scarf Sandals: Spring
Necklace: Suzy Shier
Purse: Winners
Bracelets: Ten Thousand Villages

We went to the Roberto Cavalli Factory and had a private tour! It was awesome, we got to see them printing their fabric and how that was done with the prints and the colors. They do the prints with people running the show and doing everything with the screens by hand and then they also have a machine that can do everything all by computer controls. We also saw the rooms where they put together sample items, but didn't get to go into the room and explore as they were gearing up for a big campaign and trying to keep everything top secret, so no photo's on the inside. But you should of seen it....
The funniest part about this day was that this was the day we left Rome and transferred to Florence, our rooms weren't all ready so some of us were getting cleaned up with people in their rooms before we headed to Roberto Cavalli. People were feeling pretty rough from the night before. 
I almost forgot to mention.... Just a block away was the Roberto Cavalli Outlet store which we hit up after the tour. I love Cavalli for the prints, I'm a sucker for a good print! Yes I shopped, stay tuned for my awesome new prints.... 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Italy Day 3

Me at the Colosseum (Origianally named the Flavian Amphitheatre)

The Colosseum

Me and a Gladiator (Sadly I couldn't find Maximus)

Roman Forum

Me at the Roman Forum

I love this photo with the Colosseum in the background!

The Temple of Antoninus and Faustina

Necklace: Made by my sister
Dress: Zara
Purse: Winners
Sandals: Nine West

I was very happy to finally be wearing this dress, and especially in Italy. This was a free day for the group, so those of us who had purchased hop-on hop-off bus tickets set off first thing in the morning and headed to the Colosseum. Did we ever time it right, there was hardly anyone there, no line ups, nothing! It was great, we even slipped in a quick little tour at the Colosseum and got a bit more history about the place. The photo with the Gladiator is one of my favorites, another girl and I got photo's together right after this one with us wearing gladiator helmuts and slaying the gladiator and then with him slaying us, unfortunately they were not taken with my camera so I am patiently waiting for copies....
Then we headed into the Roman forum and looked at the remains at a lot of temples which were pretty amazing, when you think about when they were built. The temple of Antoninus and Faustina was originally a temple the husband had built in memory of his beloved wife, but when he died the temple was named after both of them.
Later on, the group split up and the three of us missed our stop, and luckily being a nice Canadian and smiling so sweetly at the bus driver, he was kind enough to let us off in the middle of traffic. This is when we found the amazing fabric store, however they were just closing for their siesta or whatever they called it and weren't going to be open till 3 hours later!! So heres me standing in front nest to the amazing fabric that I couldn't have.....

Jordan and I on the Spanish steps pub crawl. I have finally perfected the ability to photo other people and myself by stretching my arm out and angling it right back at us. This has been a handicap of mine for some time, but no more!
This was the pub crawl found lovely Lindsay that most of the group went on. As evident in the above photo, ties over my hair are not a good look, or the green face paint. But it was a lot of fun....
To top it off, the guy leading us on the crawl, kept collecting us by calling for all the "Rambo's". Too good.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Italy Day 2

Me at the Vatican!

The top floor is where the pope lives, and from one of these windows (can't remember which one) where he blesses people once a week.

Jill and I goofing around in front of the Vatican. We were of course, well behaved while on our tour.

Jacket: Costa Blanca
Dress: Self made
Bag: Winners
Gladiator Sandals: Nine West

Day 2 we did a private tour of the Vatican. It was amazing. We were here at 9am and the line up to get in was around two sides of the perimeter wall, this is why we had a private tour, no line up.... Our guide was amazing, I learned a lot! The Sistine Chapel was beautiful, it was crazy being in there because you're not really supposed to talk or or take pictures or anything, so every little while a guard would yell out for people to be quiet!
The afternoon was followed with some more wandering around and the evening we went to a ballet. We thought we were going to an Opera of Romeo and Juliet but it turned out to be a ballet of Romeo and Juliet.
It was a contemporary version and very strange. Thats all I'm saying about that.... Howeveer getting there was another story entirely. Dinner went a little late so we were already rushing to the metro. Then everyone was trying to get those stupid ticket machines to work, which proved tricky. Then the train came but not everyone had made it down the escalator, which was the longest escalator I've ever seen going down, down, down.... So people were yelling, people were running. I got on the train thinking I could just keep the door open till everyone made it. This was not the case. Unlike in Calgary, where if you're blocking the door the door stays open and the train can't go anywhere, this train just about took off my arm! I haven't mentioned that we didn't even know exactly where we were going, we knew the theatre was close to the Trevi fountain, so from the metro we ran to the fountain and luckily found a nice police man who pointed us in the right direction and running down cobbled streets we made it on time! Barely!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Italy Day 1

The Spanish Steps

A fountain that I can't remember right now.... I think Piazza Bernini, going to have to look at my maps...

Jill & I at Piazza Del Popolo

Jordan, Me, Molly, & Jill at the Trevi Fountain

Jeans: Parasuco for Smart Set
Kensie Girl Top: Winners
Flats: The Shoe Company
Lip Necklace: F21

On our first day in Rome we had a free day waiting for the rest of the group to arrive so we hit the streets and saw some sights. We saw a bone church, technically the church was just fine but underneath were all these rooms decorated with human bones, kind of creepy. The we saw Piazza Del Popolo, The Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, The Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and I can't remember what else...

I'm currently very sick and after working all weekend am now even worse, so I'm now trying to get better and hoping my posts will be a little cheerier...

My best photo's are yet to come!