Friday, July 30, 2010

All Mixed Up

Dress: Self Made
Hat: Walkabout Hats
Espadrilles: Payless
Necklace: Le Chateau
Bangles: Ten Thousand Villages

I didn't get dressed till late. When I say late I mean afternoon. I was determined that it would be my day off and I would actually get things done I wanted to do. No running across the city to take something to my sister because it was emergency (I was happy to do it for her), no last minute check run to the office, nothing! I had a list of things that needed to be done and I was going to get things crossed off that list!!!!
I succeeded. I crossed off quite a few things and then decided I should get dressed, walk the dog, go to the library (my favorite place), and a few other things. It was a pretty great day. I even found Annie Hall at the library to watch as I have not seen it in years and her wardrobe looks have been on my mind for fall....
I made this dress a few years ago. I remember seeing the fabrics and thinking how fabulous they would look together despite everyone else cringing when I told them I was going to mix these prints. To take it a step further I'm wearing a printed shoe! The colors are all fairly neutral though which is what I think makes this outfit look so great! I was also determined to wear heels on my day off as I miss wearing heels!

I'm working all long weekend so imagine its going to be quite slow (aka boring) but hopefully the rest of you who aren't working have a great long weekend!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lace Tough

I'm a little blinded by the sunlight....

Lace Vest: Gift from Natasha she made it!
Belt: H&M
Knit Top: Zellers
Cargo Pants: Winners
Purse: Winners
Necklaces: Gift from Grandparents & F21

A pretty casual outfit today, but it ended up having some fun elements to it. I love this vest and I had fun playing it up with these cargos to give it that tough edge! These cargos were actually my little sisters from quite a few years back and then she didn't want them, gave them to me and I've been enjoying them ever since!
I've been having a frustrating morning trying to upload songs onto my ipod while writing my blog. Needless to say this multi tasking has taken me so long! I've done this so many times and yet every time I forget and have to go through the process all over. I don't know why I seem to have a mental block in this particular area.

I am happy to report that I have won and I have been able to upload my songs! Yay!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beaded All Through

Vest: Vintage
Tank: Gift from Natasha
Jeans: Smart Set
Necklace: Sears
Bracelet: Ten Thousand Villages

This necklace was a major score of mine the other day. I just past by it on my way to the escalator and saw it out of the corner of my eye. Of course it didn't have a price tag on it but seeing that I was feeling pretty amazed by this piece I decided I would find a sales associate and ask. The lady was so nice she said "oh, how does $4.99 sound?" I though that sounded pretty awesome! I paid a total of $4 in the end as I get a discount through the gentleman I do alteration for which also added to the awesomeness of this find!
I`m also excited to I worked a new way to wear this tank since I absolutely love it and its just too warm to wear a cardigan with all the time but I can`t wear spaghetti straps to work so ta da!!!!

And another day of wearing my hair up, its just nice to have it neat and out of the way and then I don`t fiddle with it either!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Milk Maid... I Think Not!

Jacket: Store in Florence
Button up shirt: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Random store in Cranbrook
Earrings: ???

I decided to try milk maid braids. Then I was running out of time and couldn't remember out to finish them at the top so I'm not even sure if I did them right. It was something different though, and nice and cool to have my hair up. Even though the weather hasn't been that warm I've certainly been enjoying putting my hair up as I just stay that much cooler. This hair close up is also great because it shows off some of the lovely quilt stitching on my still amazing leather jacket. Yay!
I had fun with the beau taking these photos in the park again. I miss the old swings that had the solid seat though instead of these flimsy ones that squeeze you! Worst invention ever! And so much harder to jump out of when you get the swing going.....
Its the beaus birthday today so I must get going....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Buttons Galore

Buttons: Value Village
Jeans: Bluenotes
Striped T: Joe Fresh
Blazer: Suzy Shier
Shoes: Spring
Sunnies: Value Village

So I found this bag of buttons at Value Village back when I was thrifting my hawaiien outfit for my birthday. my friend Mandy and I split them and above are a couple of my favorites. Theres even some old Chrysler buttons that maybe the service guys wore back in the day that are quite funny. But lets face it, it doesn't get much better than the "Lets not meet by ACCIDENT" button. Another great find was the sunnies, when I first got them the beau looked and me and said he wanted to get contacts so he could wear silly sunglasses as well! I remember that everytime I put them on and it still cracks me up!
By the time I got around to taking these photo's the sun had come out and I was starting to roast! I ended up having to change into a tank and shorts it just got so hot out! This is not me complaining, just wonderfully surprised since when I got up it was so cloudy and raining on and off and I was just running out to do errands anyways... Thankfully Alberta weather can never make its mind up and the above is what I ended up with. Yay!

Aren't these shoes still just fabulous!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

To The Max

Rusty and Max catching their breath after numerous swims in the river.

Binx looking cute all clipped and wearing a bandana

My mom told me all the names of these flowers which I of course cannot remember but I do remember she said they are all in the same family. Go me!

Maxi Dress: Street vendor in Rome
Bangles: Ten Thousand Villages
Sunnies: Value Village
Earrings: Made by my sister
Sandals: Winners

As evident, my mom enjoyed taking photos for me. I came out to pick up the tent trailer and had photo's taken here as it is my favorite place with all the flowers. It was too difficult to choose between all of them so I just didn't! Binx is looking as cute as ever as he just got clipped and is wearing a cute little bandana the groomers sent him home in.
I was hoping I wouldn't have to bother taking in the dress but I think I will after wearing it as it was definitely a little loose in the back. I was just being lazy after it took me forever to iron!!!
I think the beau just got home though so I must go, we're loading up and going camping this weekend. Its his birthday so I'm taking him away into nature so he can do some fishing.

Hopre you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back To Basics

Dress: Zara
Necklaces: Suzy Shier & Le Chateau
Belt: Hand me down from my Grandma
Shoes: The Shoe Company
Purse: Winners
Earrings: Made by my sister

I slept in again! I've been doing that a lot lately. Although I did for once sleep really good. The weather has just made me so restless this year since the rain stops me from going rollerblading and being outside as much as I would like to be which in turn makes me very restless! This dress is a favorite as it always looks good whether you sleep in or not, throw on a couple accessories, grab a piece of fruit and voila! Out the door in the nick of time to make it to work just in time! 
I watched an old episode of Fashion File this morning and it was all about Runway to Realway which was really fun. They used Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2009 as the inspiration which was all about the ostrich feathers, and tribal beaded accessories and found low budget pieces and did some DIY to do their own take on the look which ended up being quite fabulous! The DIY included getting a couple different pieces of leather and getting them sewn together to make their own obi belt and tassels and beads they added to some shoes and made their own earrings. So fun! Completed not related to my outfit but I think it will inspire me to do a few things!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scarf Mixing

Crochet Top: Victorias Secret
Tank: Smart Set
Capri's: Chado
Shoes: Spring
Bangles: Ten Thousand Villages

I changed the  scarves on my sandals. I've had these sandals for a couple years and they came with the pink printed version as well, which I have worn on my blog more than a couple times. I even have sheer fabric that I want to finish the edges on so I can change up the sandals even more. One of these days, or in this case years.... Oh dear!
Those are rain drops on the pavement in my shoe shot. The weatherman went on and on about how the rain wasn't going to get us but I figured I had better take photos just in case. It rained buckets moments after this and kept up for quite some time. The beau looked like a drowned rat by the time he parked the Jeep and met me in the theatre later on in the evening.  Brianna 1 - Weather guy 0! My score is probably a little higher because I generally never believe the weather guy. He seems nice, but he really can't control the weather nor predict it. Sorry dude.
The funniest part of pictures was that I had a neighbor out on the patio wondering why in the world I was taking photos of myself. Quite funny. Its times like that when I miss living out on a farm and not having neighbors!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At Long Last

Jacket: Suzy Shier
Blouse: Gift from Natasha
Jeans: Parasuco for Smart Set
Shoes: Spring
Earrings: Gift

Okay, I have been on the hunt for a pair of these shoes for a couple months now. There was that gorgeous pair from Feet First I had posted on my blog but the last of my size they had, had a black mark on the toe and it wouldn't come off and I knew that would drive me crazy! Then I went to Italy and didn't find any there but have been quite skint since my trip that I haven't really looked since then. Then I found a cute pair in grey at Aldo but they didn't have my size nor did any other store or their mothership since the clerk offered to have them shipped to me. But then I came across these in Spring! Yay!!!! When I confessed to the Beau that I had caved and bought a pair of shoes he admitted that he thought my self control had been quite amazing in all these months. He's also very jealous as he wants a man pair. Does anyone know where I could find a pair? I think that these shoes makes it the second time I've shopped at the mall since Xmas! When I think of it that way I even surprise myself! Now I would like to get a brown pair.... Suzy shier has a new collection coming out based on an Annie Hall theme which I am quite excited about. As well as all the military inspired clothing we've been putting out lately....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Got It In The End

Dress: Suzy Shier
Necklace: The Bay
Sandals: Nine West
Purse: Winners

This is what happens when you forget about pictures.... Well it wasn't that I forgot but just that I was trying to do too many things at once so pictures didn't get taken till almost dusk. I got the beau to take pictures because there were some seriously big rain clouds coming in, but the result of that was that these are the only pictures that made the cut. Apparently when I say, can you try one without the flash to see what the light is like, it just means take dark pictures..... He tried, I guess thats all I can ask for. In all fairness, I guess he was still recovering from the stag party he threw over the weekend!
I was going to do a close up of the necklace, but realized that would be a cleavage shot also so decided to forgo that today, in case some of you were wondering. The dress I bought the other week, came in quite a while ago at Suzy Shier but I was resisting since I'm supposed to be saving my money but finally caved. I only paid $16 though so for the amount of times I will wear it, I'm happy!

Has anyone seen How To Train Your Dragon? Its such a cute movie! I'm thinking of making the costume Astrid wears for Halloween. She wears a viking helmet, with the huge metal shoulder pads on a shirt with this leather skirt that has little dinosaur skulls around the waistband and studs on the leather strips of the skirt. Very fun costume. I'm really going to need to not procrastinate though as I think I will need to make the skulls out of Fimo... That was my creative bit I spent some time drawing out this weekend, and also making a dress for my sister. Well, more like trying to decide which fabric to use, I was having some trouble and would wash some fabric but then would find other stuff that I thought she would like more so then washed that and etc....  Hopefully some actually sewing will take place this week. Hopefully lots of it!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Still With The Hat

Fedora: Vendor at Stampede
Tank: Suzy Shier
Ruffled Vest: H & M
Shorts: Joe Fresh
Gladiator Sandals: Nine West
Bangles: TenThousand Villages

My sister and I went out to a movie and she had fun taking pictures of me as seen above. Although when I came down stairs in my shorts she said she had forgotten how very pale my legs were and that they were super bright and blinding! Thanks Kayleigh.... The pictures on the playground are the result of her insisting I do some action shots on the playground because standing on the grass was so boring..... So I sat on the slide... And stood by the monkey bars which I was far too big to actually do since my feet would drag along on the ground! 
This post is extremely late due to me forgetting about it and being sidetracked by all the visitors at the house right now. The beau is hosting a weekend stag party for a buddy.... So far so good.....

I'm still loving this hat, it just makes the whole outfit come together!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Groovy Baby

Dress: H & M
Tank: Smart Set
Sandals: Spring
Purse: Street Market in Rome

Sunshine! Sunshine! Suinshine! What a great of beautiful hot weather...  Today I had a meeting in Olds so I took the opportunity to take photos by all the nice greenery in my groovy printed dress... Then I went for a facial by my sister but now I need to go because she is eating all the guacamole I made!